Investing in the Future of Innovation

Helping companies bring blockchain innovations to life.

At NueValue, we believe that blockchain is the future. Through investment, consulting, discussion, and development, we’re committed to using this technology to drive humanity into an exciting new decentralized world.

Our team of blockchain professionals are here to help ground-breaking companies get started, grow, and make an impact on the future.

Investment solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Through quantitative and qualitative trading and analysis strategies, we’ve build up a solid portfolio of diverse blockchain companies and projects.

Our team of professional analysts, traders, and portfolio managers work together to perform rigorous ICO due-diligence and investing.

We aim to grow our portfolio, aided by substantial risk management techniques, to continue the development of blockchain as a technology.

Strategic solutions, advice, and direction for companies entering the token economy.

We help new and aspiring ICOs with their business development by offering strategic advisory services.

Our experience assisting countless businesses with tokenization means that we understand the importance of community building and participation.

We can assist with strategic introductions, and work with you to build a plan for fast token sales.

Fostering communities, discussion, and education within the global blockchain community.

Blockchain has a long way to go when it comes to global acceptance and utilization.

We help foster discussion and advancement through conferences, education, and professional development.

By furthering the discussion, we hope to see advances in policy and advocacy around the world.

Technical solutions, resources, and knowledge to support the development of blockchain technologies.

Our investments receive the help and support they need to bring successful ideas to fruition.

Being experts in the blockchain field, our team and network help companies with the creation of smart contracts, and the development and improvement of blockchain applications.

Alexander Levin Holz

Alexander Levin Holz

Founder & CEO

  • 7 years experience in online gaming and marketing
  • Cryptocurrency adopter since 2013
  • Invested in 60+ ICOs, many as, or part of, the lead investor
  • ICO consultant for raising funds
  • Specialises in finding investment opportunities in embryonic stages
Jonathan Farrer

Jonathan Farrer


  • 18 years experience in the DotCom industry
  • 10 years experience in online gaming and marketing
  • Invested in 30+ ICOs, many as part of the lead investor
  • Specialises in standards and practices, risk management and overseeing the NVC R&D team
Bryan May

Bryan May


  • Former Creative Director at BRM Design Group and Creative Avenue
  • 12 years experience in Web Development, Advertising, Design, and Marketing
  • Extensive knowledge of IT infrastructure design and database administration
  • Specialises in technical analysis of blockchain technologies
John Taba

John Taba

Chief Information Officer

  • BA Law, Reading University
  • 11 years experience in the online and offline gaming sector
  • 5 years Ambassador of Betfair
  • 3 years retail entrepreneur, venture backed
Andrew Cheng

Andrew Cheng

Chief Strategy Officer

  • Former Management Consultant and Business Development Manager at Deloitte LLP
  • 8+ years experience advising the world’s largest consumer business, banking, and technology companies
  • Advisor to multiple successful seed through Series B funded technology start-ups
Oscar Leivestad

Oscar Leivestad

Chief Sales Officer

  • Co-founder of Oculartech, an AML compliance platform
  • 10+ years of online marketing in senior positions
  • Specializes in ICO fundraising
  • Extensive investor network within the blockchain industry

Our Successful ICO Investments

Our goal is to advance the progress of blockchain technologies through investment, development, and support; where it’s needed most.
We believe that blockchain is the best means to make huge advances for the growth of the planet. The following is a list of successful ICOs that we have been involved in starting in 2016.

Our Current Portfolio

NueValue is focused on growing a variety of investments and projects within the blockchain space.