Investing in blockchain startups since 2013.

About NueValue, past, present and future.


NueValue was born of a desire to shape a more positive future.
Since 2013, we’ve paved the way for talent and innovation to take center stage.

Three pillars of success

We utilize a structured approach designed to drive above-average investment returns for our investors and bring forth tremendous value to our portfolio companies.

It’s more than just money

We assist blockchain companies beyond investment. Our team offers support in structuring token economics, fund raising through our private network, marketing and community development, competitive analysis, and go-to-market strategy.

Enthusiasm backed by experience

Our years of experience have given us the knowledge to not only identify opportunities but also to toughen up their resilience, providing impressive returns to a multitude of companies and beating the high industry benchmarks.

Respect for the details

We understand the discipline required to see a project to its peak success. Our rigorous due diligence process involves personalized research, analysis and benchmarking, as well as multiple rounds of reviews across 10 dimensions.

Who is NueValue?

Alexander Levin Holz

Founder & CEO
  • Cryptocurrency adopter since 2013
  • Invested in 60+ blockchain projects, with 45 successful exits.
  • Consultant for fund raising, token design, and and general strategy
  • Specializes in finding investment opportunities in embryonic stages
  • 7 years experience in online gaming and marketing

Bryan May

  • Former Creative Director at BRM Design Group and Creative Avenue
  • 12 years experience in Web Development, Advertising, Design, and Marketing
  • Extensive knowledge of IT infrastructure design and database administration
  • Specializes in technical analysis of blockchain technologies

Dennis Tomala

Sales Executive
  • Cryptocurrency adopter since 2014
  • Invested in 25+ blockchain projects, with 20 successful exits
  • Bachelor of business administration
  • Extensive high net worth and family office investor network
  • 5 years experience in real estate development and management

John Tabatabai

Head of Research
  • Twice Venture backed entrepreneur
  • 11 years spent as one of the top professional poker players in the world.
  • Six years as face of Betfair Poker, a billion dollar gaming company.
  • Bachelors of Law.

Oscar Leivestad

Chief Sales Officer
  • Co-founder of Oculartech, an AML compliance platform
  • 10+ years of online marketing in senior positions
  • Specializes in fundraising
  • Extensive investor network within the blockchain industry

Our Partners​

Logo Mousebelt White
MouseBelt, our sister company, is a full-service blockchain accelerator that boosts the growth of promising start-ups in the blockchain space. With a 55 person strong team, MouseBelt also aids the adoption of blockchain technologies through event sponsorships, research and resource grants.